3 reasons why you should do a seating chart

  1. You have the say of where everyone is sitting.

You have all the power.   This is your opportunity to seat everyone where you’d like them to be. Now this isn’t something that takes 5 minutes.   You need to take your time and really think of your guests. The end game here is to make sure all your guests feel as comfortable as possible!


  1. Your guests feel more comfortable.

Everyone likes a place to belong and this is the case when it comes to event seating. When your guests arrive it becomes a very simple, smooth and efficient seating process. They don’t have to look around to find other people they know or feel uncomfortable about choosing a table too close to the front (just in case it’s for the family). You’ve given them a table to be seated at and that’s where they will head to. It takes any confusion or anxiety out of it and they can start to enjoy the evening you’ve spent so much time planning.


  1. Helps to eliminate awkward situations.

Such as guests creating their own tables. When there is no seating plan guest have the ability to grab chairs from other tables and create extra seating. This is a nice idea of having everyone you’d like to visit with at the same table, but it can end up being extremely awkward for not only the guest but the banquet staff as well. When this happens it not only leaves empty seats at other tables which looks like some guests didn’t show up, but it’s also hard on the staff who have been given a floor plan with directions for the evening.