Holy Child July 2014 (8)

White Spandex Chair Covers with Silver & Purple Satin Sashes

Holy Child July 2014 (1)

Seating Chart & Treasure Chest Card Box

Holy Child July 2014 (7)

Classic 3-section Backdrop with Curtain Lights

Holy Child July 2014 (4)

White Ruched Table Skirting

Holy Child July 2014 (10)

White Tablecloths & Napkins

Holy Child, July 2014: White spandex chair covers, silver satin sashes, purple satin sashes, silver crystal lace runners w/purple satin runners, metallic vase w/white & purple rose balls, 12″ cylinder vase w/purple rose ball, white tablecloths, white napkins, white ruched table skirt, purple satin tablecloth, white easel w/seating chart, treasure chest card box, classic 3-section backdrop w/curtain lights, acrylic table number holders.