Saskatchewan Marriage License Issuer

  • You need to have purchased your licence at least 24 hours before the ceremony, but it is good for 90 days!

  • Both applicants must be present with 2 pieces of government issued ID (Birth Certificate, Passport, Driver’s License, Health Card, Citizenship or Permanent Resident card, and Treaty Card). And at least eighteen years of age (Minors must be present with their parents for authorization and signatures). If either applicant cannot understand or speak English you must have a third party interpreter present.

  • If either applicant has been married in the past you must present the original or court certified copy of the certificate of divorce.

  • If widowed you must know the exact date and place of death of your former spouse, or provide the death certificate.

  • These are valid for marriages being issued in Saskatchewan only.

  • The price of the Licence is $60.

  • During the busy season we recommend you give us a call to ensure we have licences in stock!