Ramada awards June 2013 (1)

Black Satin Chair Wraps

Ramada awards June 27 2013 (17)_crop

Gold Metallic Vase w/Red Wooden Rose Ball

Ramada awards June 2013 (3)

Grecian Pillars Draped w/Black Satin

Ramada awards June 2013 (10)_crop

12″ Cylinder Vase w/Red Rose Ball

Ramada awards June 2013 (18)_crop

Gold Satin Sashes

Awards Celebration at Ramada Hotel, 2013: Black satin chair wraps with gold satin runners and 12″ cylinder vase centerpieces with red rose balls.  The cocktail tables have a gold metallic vase with red wooden rose balls.  The stage has a cluster of 3 draped Grecian pillars.  40″, 32″ and 24″ pillars with centerpieces on top including the black lanterns with LED candles.