AUGUST 2014 069

Black Chair Covers & Dark Purple Satin Sashes

AUGUST 2014 064

Black Bird Cage

AUGUST 2014 073

Damask Runners with Dark Purple Runner

AUGUST 2014 071

Love Plate Candy Bar with Personalized Goodie Bags

AUGUST 2014 065

Dark Purple Satin Tablecloth & Square Crystal Cake Stand

AUGUST 2014 079_crop

White Ruched Table Skirt & Classic 2-Section Backdrop with Curtain Lights

AUGUST 2014 067

12″ Cylinder Vase with Hanging Gems & White Flower Ball

Conexus Centre of the Arts Lobby, August 2014: Black classic chair covers, dark purple satin sashes, black satin overlays, damask & dark purple satin runners, round mirrors, 12″ cylinder vase with hanging gems & white flower ball, white ruched table skirting, dark purple satin tablecloths, classic 2-section backdrop with curtain lights, black LED branches in 24″ vase, black bird cage, square crystal cake stand, white Grecian 40″ pillars, purple rose balls, 24″ cylinder vase with black rocks & purple rose ball, love plate candy bar with personalized goodie bags.