Ivory satin tablecloths with Rosette runners

Treasure chest card box and Pearl trees

Black Charger Plates

Ivory rosette tablecloths, Pearl trees, and LED up-lighting

Black satin chair wraps

Ivory rosette tablecloths and LED up-lights

Entrance way pillars with black draping

Ivory rosette table runners

88″ White twinkle pillars with LED up-lights were used around the room

Black satin chair wraps

Delta Hotel, October 2012: The guest tables have ivory satin tablecloths, ivory rosette runners, black charger plates, and black satin chair wraps.  Ivory satin tablecloths were used on the cake, reception, DJ, and key tables. The head table has ivory rosette tablecloths as well as the candy bar!  LED up-lights were used behind the head table as well as around the room and feature tables.  We also used our white twinkle pillars around the room.  The entrance way has black pillars and draping as well as the decor pieces on the reception table such as a treasure chest card box and pearl trees.  The ice sculpture table was framed with our lit Grecian pillars.