DELTA JUNE 2013 004_crop

Ceremony: White chair covers & Fuchsia Sashes

DELTA JUNE 2013 003_crop

Aisle Runner & 4-Pillar Backdrop w/LED lights

Delta June 2013 020

Black satin runners

Delta June 2013 031

Fuchsia Satin Tablecloths w/4-Pillar Backdrop

Delta June 2013 028

White Chair Covers & Fuchsia Sashes

Delta June 2013 034

Silver Metallic Vase w/Fuchsia wooden Rose Ball & Personalized Table Numbers

Delta June 2013 029


Delta, June 2013: White chair covers with fuchsia satin sashes.  The guest tables have black satin runners, metallic vase centerpieces w/fuchsia wooden rose balls and personalized table numbers.  The ceremony signing, reception, cake and head tables all have fuchsia satin tablecloths.  The head table is frames with a black 4-pillar backdrop with LED up-lights.  Other Tymeless items used were white hanging lanterns, black floor easel and a personalized seating chart.