Italian Club April 2013 037


ITALIAN CLUB APRIL 2013 036_crop

Ceremony with White Chair Covers & Charcoal Satin Sashes

ITALIAN CLUB APRIL 2013 058_crop

Intimate Family Dinner with White Linens & Charcoal Runners

ITALIAN CLUB APRIL 2013 046_crop


Italian Club April 2013 062

Head Table with Classic Backdrop & LED Uplights

ITALIAN CLUB APRIL 2013 043_crop

Reception with White Linens & Charcoal Runners

ITALIAN CLUB APRIL 2013 064_crop

Reception Table with White Easel & Seating Chart

ITALIAN CLUB APRIL 2013 060_crop

Reception with White Napkins

Italian Club April 2013 059


Italian Club, April 2013: The ceremony and reception both used white chair covers and charcoal satin sashes.  For the intimate family dinner the tables were setup in a large square using white tablecloths and charcoal runners.  The reception room had white round tablecloths, charcoal satin runners and white napkins.  As well as three cocktail tables draped in white linens placed by the bar.  The head table had a charcoal satin tablecloths and was frames by a classic 2-section backdrop with bead panels and LED uplights. Charcoal satin tablecloths were also used on the cake and reception table.  And a white easel held the custom seating chart.