Here are a few more Weddings & Events done by A Tymeless Event throughout the Summer/Fall of 2012!  More to come…

Black tablecloth with red satin and a bling cake stand at St. Mary’s

Black skirting with red satin tablecloths at St. Mary’s Hall

Classic 2-Section Backdrop w/Curtain Lights at The Travelodge

Aubergine satin tablecloth with a pewter 4-pillar backdrop at Queensbury

Classic Backdrop with Curtain Lights, LED’s and Royal Blue Head Table at Holy Child

Black satin head table with a 4-Pillar Backdrop at The Seven Oaks

Pearl Trees at The Italian Club

Brown 3-Pillar Rod Backdrop with Pearl Trees at The Italian Club

2-Panels of Ceiling Drape & White Lanterns at The Victoria Club

Black Candelabra Tree with Gems & Garland at The West Harvest Inn

Horse & Carriage Card Box at The West Harvest Inn

Decorated Archway at Kiwanis Park

Royal Blue Satin Tablecloths & a Classic backdrop with Curtain Lights at Regina Beach Hall

White Skirting with White Satin Tablecloths & a 3-Pillar Backdrop at Pense, Sk. Hall

Black 4-Pillar Backdrop at The Legion

Head Table with Charcoal Satin Tablecloths and Chair Covers at The Delta

White skirting with Charcoal Satin Tablecloths at The Austrian Club