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Decor Packages Include

Delivery/Setup/Tear down/Pickup. Additional rental & retail items are available at regular price.  Room flips, out of town travel, placement/assembly of additional items and late night tear downs are an additional fee. For more information see our policies below.

Decor Packages

Tymeless Package

  • Chair Covers + Sashes or Band w/Brooch
  • Banquet Tablecloths + Napkins
  • Table Runners and/or Overlays
  • Head/Cake/Reception Table Decor
  • Backdrop (lighting & accessories are additional)
  • Centerpieces (fresh flowers/greenery are additional)
  • Table Numbers + Holders
  • Easel + Seating Chart (optional)
  • Card Box (optional)

Wedding Decor Packages

  • Chair Covers + Sashes or Band w/Brooch
  • Banquet Tablecloths + Napkins
  • Table Runners or Overlays
  • Head/Cake/Reception Table Decor
  • Backdrop (lighting & accessories are additional)
  • Card Box (optional)

Essentials Decor Package

  • Chair Covers
  • Chair Band w/Brooch (change to sash $1 each)
  • Table Runners
  • Head/Cake/Reception Table Colour Trim
  • Classic Backdrop (straight sheers, lighting is additional)
  • Classic Centerpieces (trio cylinder option)

Customized Decor Package

  • Choose your decor items
  • Delivery, Setup, Teardown, Pickup Services

Our Policies

How to make a Reservation

We require a 50% deposit of the subtotal on the rental contract. We accept Cash, Cheque, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, and E-transfers.  No rental items are reserved until the full 50% deposit is received.  If your contract is set as a Quote, nothing is reserved at that time. Any items added to a contract will require a 50% deposit. 

Refund/Cancellation Policies

You have three weeks from the date reserved (when you paid the deposit) to cancel and receive a full refund of your deposit. After the three weeks the deposit becomes non-refundable. Full cancellation of a rental contract will not result in a refund. Cancellations of select items will result in a refund of half the items worth and applied to the balance. Cancellations on items, fewer quantities and services within 30 day of the event date will not result in any refund. **Once the rental contract is cancelled it is void. Any future rental contracts will not have a credit and any discounts and/or promotions from past contracts are no longer valid.

Reservation Confirmation/Final Numbers

All reservation must be confirmed 30 days prior to the event date. A staff member will contact the customer to confirm the rental contract. This 30 day confirmation allows the customer to adjust the quantities of certain (RSVP based) rental items without being affected by the cancellation policy. Any cancellations of non RSVP based items will only result in a 50% refund of the rental price (ex. Table skirting, Lighting, Backdrops, Card Boxes, etc...). Once the confirmation is complete if the customer decreases the quantities or cancels items within the 30 day period A Tymeless Event will not issue a refund and the balance is due for all items and quantities on the rental contract. Any add-ons to the reservation within the 30 day period will be dependent on the product availability. Failure to confirm your contract at the 30 days before the event date will result in no decrease quantities and the customer is responsible for the full price of the items reserved.

When is the Balance Payment Due

Payments can be made at anytime. The balance is due upon customer pickup or before the items are delivered.  Cheques will not be accepted for the balance payment unless the cheque is received one month before the event date. We will not deliver & setup any rentals without the final payment received. We accept Cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, and E-transfers. **NSF fees will be applied as well as late payment fees.  There will be a 10% fee added to the contract after 30 days of a late payment (10% of the subtotal). 20% will be applied after 60 days (20% of the subtotal).  Once 60 days have pasted your balance will be forwarded to collections.

Valid Credit Card Must Be Put On File

A valid credit card must be put on file upon customer pickup or prior to delivery of all rentals.  Once all rental items and packaging have been returned without damages, the credit card number will be destroyed. Failure to return rental items and/or packaging the credit card will be charged.  Any damages that require maintenance or replacements the credit card will be charged.  A Tymeless Event will notify the customer before charges are made.  If A Tymeless Event cannot reach the customer and messages are not returned, they will go ahead with the credit card charge. 

Rental Period & Late Returns

All rentals can be picked up the day before the event date and returned the following business day, as arranged at the time of the reservation.  Extended time periods are also available, some charges may apply.  If you are unable to pick up your rentals, ask about our great delivery service.  The customer is responsible to contact A Tymeless Event with notification of a late return.  If no contact is made by the customer late charges will apply.

On-Site Delivery/Setup/Teardown/Pickup Services

A staff member will contact the customer within the week of the event date to confirm all details; as well A Tymeless Event will contact the venue to confirm setup and tear down times. The room must be set and ready for A Tymeless Event upon arrival. If A Tymeless Event staff are stalled due to the room not being set and ready the customer will be charged $50/half hour they wait. If A Tymeless Event is placing any additional items such as favors, centerpieces, etc... the customer must have all items securely packed, labelled and brought to the venue a few days before delivery. Items that were not previously discussed with A Tymeless Event for placement is the responsibility of the customer and/or will be charged an additional placement fee.  A Tymeless Event will attempt to accommodate any time requests; ultimately the scheduling is based on the venue and Tymeless staff availability. Full payment is due before the event setup date; delivery and setup will not take place until full payment has been received. Cancellations of any services within 30 days of the event date will not result in a refund.   

Late night tear downs

Tear downs after 10:00pm will be confirmed the week of the event by the venue which will result in an additional fee of $350. If the guest quantity is over 300 there will be an additional charge to the $350 + $1/guest.  

Damages & Missing Items

The customer is responsible for any damages that may occur and/or missing items. A Tymeless Event has one month from the return date to assess any damages or missing items and contact the customer. If A Tymeless Event is unable to speak to the customer or messages are not returned the credit card on file will be charged (see valid credit card policies above). To avoid any damages during transportation we recommend that all items are packaged as sent. Pillars must be covered, if not charges may apply. Customers will be contacted if there is missing packaging such as bins, boxes, cling wrap, etc. Charges will apply if not returned. DO NOT WASH any linen as each item has specific washing instructions and if not done properly may cause damages. **The following are some damages to look out for: Candle Wax, Crayons, Pens, Markers, Grease, Transportation, mud, more info on our website.

Photo Policies

A Tymeless Event will take photos and use them as marketing on their website and social media pages if they have setup the event. If a client sends photos of their event A Tymeless Event may ask permission to use them as marketing with full photo credit given. If the client has any requests to the photos these must be made prior to the setup. Such as not showing guests faces or waiting to post until the day after the event.

DIY Rental Policies

Please take note when you pick up your rental items on the care required. This includes how the items are returned. There will be a note with your order highlighting this. If you have any concerns at anytime please feel free to call or email us with questions. Please see the next section for setup and teardown care.


DIY Setup: Please ensure all items are being put on properly or damages may occur.

· Backdrops - No pins, zip ties, tape are to be used. Pipe cleaners are allowed.

· Skirting – Please use the supplied table clips. Do not use tape. Pins with no rough edges are allowed to apply carefully. Any rips, tears, or runs caused by pins will be charged.

· Sashes – If the sashes are used as runners without consulting with a staff member this will result in an additional cleaning fee. ($3-$5/sash) Do not use pins, zip ties, tape on sashes. 

· Linens & Chair covers – Do not wash, if you are concerned about something sitting overnight please email us for directions. If the linens are wet avoid placing them in bags as they may mold. Only pins with no rough edges are allowed, if any tears, runs or holes occur the customer will have a replacement charge. Do not use tape on fabric or sew the fabric in any way.

· Vases & Centerpieces – Do not use tape or glue on vases.


DIY Teardown/Returns: Please ensure all items are taken off properly and packed as sent.

· Sashes - Must be untied, charges will apply if sashes are tied ($0.50/sash). No need to fold.

· Backdrop Panels - Must be folded into bins. Pillars must be wrapped.

· Linens & Chair covers – Please shake your linens of any excess food, wrappers, sparkles, confetti, etc... before placing them in the bins. Please separate tablecloths from the runners, overlays, napkins, etc...

· Charger Plates – Please scrape any food and wrappers into garbage before returning, if returned with excess food, wrapper, etc... Charges will be applied (starting at $0.50/plate).

· Vases & Centerpieces – Please rinse vases before returning if sand, rocks, or water pearls were used. Dry all vases prior to return. Cleaning charges will be applied. Must be returned in original packaging.

· Cake & Cupcake Stands – Please wipe the stands before returning.

· Trees – Must be bagged as sent when returning.

· Carpets – Must be cleared of any rose petals, leaves, etc... Charges will apply.